5mm jump rope

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Pleval is a professional company that produces sports and leisure products, with complete testing equipment and strong technical strength. Our products have excellent quality, reasonable prices, and fashionable designs, mainly including jump rope,Beaded jump rope,PVC jump rope,Beach Racket,Pickleball,etc. Widely used in game entertainment,athlete training,student movement,dance training and others.

Quality control will be carried out throughout the entire production process, and all goods will be inspected before shipment. Our product has been approved by Sedex,BSCI,EN71,SGS,ASTM,REACH and others. Sales have been made to countries such as Europe, America, and Solomon Islands,Guernsey,Isle of Man,Barbados,etc.

Product name 5mm jump rope Certification Authorization letter by Carlsberg,ASTM F963-11 by Intertek,EN71-1,2,3,9 by BV…etc
Brand Name Pleval Weight(g) 158
Product Type Jump rope Applicable Scene Outdoor,Home Use…etc
Place of Origin China MOQ 50 sets
Material PVC/PE Smart Type Non-Smart
Colors purple+Customizable Length 3 m (Personal), Customize
Export region America,Europe,Oceania… Packaging Details Each Rope packed poly bag
Export countries USA,France,Germany,Pakistan,Mexico,Turks and Caicos Islands,Cook Islands,Denmark,Italy…etc Logo Yes
Sample Order Yes OEM Yes
Features Fast speed, Adjustable Lead time (days) 30 (To be negotiated)
Supply Ability

10000 Set/Sets per month

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5mm jump rope is an aerobic exercise equipment that can improve cardiopulmonary function, strengthen muscles, lose weight and improve posture by skipping rope. It can improve its ability by practicing rope skipping,twisting waist,moving belly rolling. It can also help strengthen joints and exert great muscle mass to improve aerobic endurance, reduce fat layer, increase heart rate, and increase energy consumption in the body.

Before use, please confirm that the rope skipping end is flat, firm and free of danger to ensure safety, and check whether the rope skipping support is firmly installed;

Jumping with the core of the body can effectively reduce the pressure on joints and knees;

Choose the most suitable length of the jump rope. Generally, when the jump rope falls to the ground, keep your feet in the middle of contempt, so that the body load is minimal.

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5mm jump rope—FAQs Guide

1.What is the importance of choosing the right 5mm jump rope for one’s height and skill level?

Choosing the right jump rope for one’s height and skill level is important because it helps to ensure that the rope is the correct length and weight for the user. A rope that is too long or too heavy can be difficult to use and can lead to injury. A rope that is too short or too light can also be difficult to use and can lead to poor technique and inefficient workouts. The right jump rope will help the user to maximize their workout and minimize the risk of injury.

2.About 5mm jump rope,what’s the shipment ?

We can ship by express,by Air,by sea,by train .

3.About 5mm jump rope,can you support custom packing?

Sure,custom polybag with warning text,gift box or display box is welcome.

4.About 5mm jump rope,Can I have a sample order?

Yes, welcome to place an sample order to check quality or market.

About 5mm jump rope,Can I have a sample order?

5.How do 5mm jump rope accommodate users with different fitness goals, from weight loss to endurance training?

Jump ropes can accommodate users with different fitness goals by allowing them to adjust the intensity of their workout. For weight loss, users can increase the speed of their jumps and the duration of their workout to burn more calories. For endurance training, users can increase the number of jumps per minute and the duration of their workout to build up their stamina. Additionally, users can adjust the length of the rope to accommodate their height and the type of rope to accommodate their skill level.

6.What types of warranties or guarantees are typically offered with 5mm jump rope purchases?

Jump rope warranties and guarantees vary depending on the manufacturer and retailer. Generally, most jump ropes come with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period of time. Some retailers may also offer a satisfaction guarantee, which allows customers to return the product if they are not satisfied with it.

7.What are the most common 5mm jump rope injuries?

Jump rope can help us exercise our bodies, but we need to pay attention to these issues to avoid causing some harm to our bodies.

1. Sore calves and shin splints ARE THE MOST COMMON INJURIES and usually result from excessive jumping during the preparation or beginner phase. Also jumping on a surface that does not offer any give or rebound, such concrete can cause shin splints.

2. Sore shoulders, hands and wrists can also result from excessive arm movements and squeezing the rope handle too tight. Grip handle with a firm but not tight grip to eliminate this problem. See illustration.

3. Sore knees and feet from jumping too high and landing hard flat-footed in the early phases of jump rope. Also jumping on a too-hard surface could be the reason.

4. Although these are only a few minor injuries that can easily be eliminated, injuries resulting from stress fractures, ankle sprains, Achilles’ tendonitis are usually caused by other activities. Jumping rope improperly can aggravate these injuries.

8.What are the advantages of using 5mm jump rope with a 90-degree perpendicular handle design?

Our company has many years of 5mm jump rope experience and expertise.We tell you that there are these advantages:

1. Improved grip: The 90-degree perpendicular handle design allows for a more secure grip, which can help improve coordination and control.

2. Increased speed: The perpendicular handle design allows for a more efficient transfer of energy from the handle to the rope, resulting in faster rotations and increased speed.

3. Improved accuracy: The perpendicular handle design allows for more precise control of the rope, resulting in improved accuracy when performing tricks and double-unders.

4. Reduced fatigue: The perpendicular handle design reduces the amount of strain on the wrists and forearms, resulting in less fatigue during long jump rope sessions.

What are the advantages of using 5mm jump rope with a 90-degree perpendicular handle design?

9.Can 5mm jump rope be used for warm-up exercises before other sports or workouts?

Yes, jump ropes can be used for warm-up exercises before other sports or workouts. Jumping rope is a great way to warm up the muscles and get the heart rate up before engaging in more strenuous activities. Jumping rope can also help improve coordination and agility, which can be beneficial for many sports and workouts.

10.How do 5mm jump rope handles accommodate users with different hand sizes or grip preferences?

Jump rope handles can accommodate users with different hand sizes or grip preferences by offering handles of different sizes and shapes. Some handles are designed with a larger grip to accommodate larger hands, while others are designed with a smaller grip to accommodate smaller hands. Some handles also feature ergonomic designs to provide a more comfortable grip. Additionally, some handles are designed with a textured surface to provide a better grip for users with different grip preferences.


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