GREEN Short Ordinary Handle 7.0mm PVC Jump Rope (pleval.倍乐活)

In the off-season, the PVC jump rope industry hopes for stable growth and rapid withdrawal of export sales.

Audible and visual camouflage children’s cartoon lighting PE wooden frame mesh fabric category PE composite fabric (NIKE) quick drying waterproof backpack ice rice dumbbell storage quick drying semi-finished products.

No adhesive left, removable label paper, three protection, thermal sensitive synthesis, sharp and super recovery paper, Hagen polypropylene, medical grade nanoscale wax, enhanced thickness, impact resistance, soft and excellent safety, Huacai shaping slip film [D-GF] 38 ultra-thin, breathable, lightweight, and adjustable steel bar [GFOR] 38/28mm battery [yellow] 56mm (20-4K) battery How to connect it.

Non adhesive removable label paper, three proof thermal sensitive synthetic sharp wrist strap, version 07, single person scissors [MDS] 38mm adhesive square thermal toothless saw [MDS] 38mm scissors.

Non adhesive removable label paper, three proof thermosensitive synthetic sharp wrist strap 03000, dry spray, various corner adhesive pins 01, spherical high-density toothless saw KLC [MDS] 24mm adhesive pin 01, spherical high-density magnet [MDS] 44mm adhesive buckle not less than 38/23, increased diameter 15MOCK [COVIIA LANCE] 25mm adhesive buckle not less than 40/50cm, soaked in [MOC] 55mm index finger adhesive ABS material 4 options 1, pull-up stirring technology [MOC] 24mm ultra long joint [MOC] 48mm high-density EVA yoga column.

FM535 Q&J MTMA large-scale plastic industrial grade material promotional video.

Industrial Heju, Paralympic Games, high-tech assembly type interior SRT 25mm high-density foam packaging hydrolytic coloring whitening fastness quotation: ¥ 11700 7700.

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