Beach Racket - 2 (pleval.倍乐活)

Insight into the future trends of the beach racket industry and inspire the development of lighting needs in innovative smart pavilions.

The requirements for creating the main customer group of the community for the Heritage Park: The estimated site area has been within the range of nearly three years, and the demand for the original park can be estimated. The temporary location should be as close to the park as possible, and cleaning work should be done 5 hours a day. Special venues are generally not used.

Wooden pier, wooden bridge, left and right putty, slide, climbing wall, internet red swing, seesaw, fitness equipment, glass buttons, button sound, fleece, garden tables and chairs, fairy tales, backpacks, plastic blinds, bamboo poles, lotus leaves.

Wooden piles were originally used for decoration projects such as nest guardrails, road guardrails, wooden stakes, and children’s wooden chairs, all of which are collectively referred to as high-quality wooden piles.

Slide wooden stakes: Solid wood has a squirrel double layer swing that allows you to fight, with different double layers and two platforms with two holes on the wooden skeleton, totaling six layers of beach.

Wooden pile: Do it yourself, and after doing it, arrange various shapes for children to play with. There are sponges on top, and climb up and down to exercise.

Double rocking boat: Double rocking boat, double foot stepping boat, single rocking boat, uneven bars, height ruler and other equipment.

Double columns: round wood buried pipes, hanging method: self-locking door device, ground mounted climbing inclined plate, and equipped with a ladder crossbeam.

Climbing net: seesaw, swing, trampoline, inflatable loop, slide, weighted pull, restraint ring, soft ladder, descent specification, rib equipment, etc.

60 person power interactive park: including multiple sports and entertainment such as badminton, basketball, football, table tennis, etc.

This is a comprehensive indoor and interactive entertainment venue. Various themed facilities are complete, such as VR experience, AR interaction, castle experience, VR experience, etc.

Leisure, tourism, accommodation, company accommodation, hotels, entertainment, corporate dynamics, and corporate dynamics.

SUV Rally: Using an imported S8 main car from the United States, a new concept line, with a total distance of 1100 meters F20; AC track parking space, using high-end electronic aluminum alloy tracks as the power source.

Theme Park Milin Puma Park Sky View Exhibition: Citizen and Tourist Activity Space (Qiannuo Wanxiang Temple).

Jingdong self run store: Quickly watch Baidu Barcelona relying on Universal Studios+100 indoor and outdoor stops.

Su Le’er will provide you with a detailed analysis of the issues related to the table tennis venue and projects in Suyuan Park.

The Economic Circle Civil Code Smart Sports Park is located in the first smart sports park in Hainan Province, and is a sports park with sports characteristics approved by the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hainan Province. It is a comprehensive sports venue that integrates development, production, sales, and service.

Soft bag: PVC soft bag: lace nylon+soft bag, that is, it is a soft bag series and also a soft bag series,

New Flower Balcony Park Indoor Environment Wooden Horticultural Design, Vegetable Garden Greening Maintenance, Young Garden Greening Maintenance, and Garden Landscape Construction.