The beach racket manufacturing mall with high production standards provides lighting and stadium structure, providing you with high-quality and free sample venues and lighting venues.

High product types: high-end net columns, ball park packaging, printing, net racks, coffee, GA, PE, PVC, wood, plastic, plastic, furniture raw materials, hardware, light industry, special materials, special packaging, elephant pulleys, folding beach chairs, floor mats, lawn fences, artificial lawns, and other supporting products.

No need. Unlike the additional rain and dew 0-5, after leasing, the stadium materials are left outdoors for a long time and are prone to blistering.

Historical moment: Years of inactivity, written effort, thickness, version 67=5mm.

International Moments: Opening, Expenses × 265- No worries so far. The unit price is 40 yuan, with a maximum reduction of 400 yuan per person.

● Colorful laying: Printed EPE and acrylic colored laying carpets can be used for various leisure venues, colored advertising shops, and various promotional poster advertisements.

Product Description: Suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, handball courts, table tennis courts, and other ball courts.

Suspended assembly flooring: EPDM plastic suspended assembly flooring with different styles can be used in leisure and entertainment venues, sports venues, various beer bottles, sanitation courts, etc.

Applicable to the assembly construction of high wall courts, brick based basketball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, table tennis courts, gyms, and other venues.

Suspended assembled flooring is suitable for places that require special maintenance such as streets, communities, hospitals, etc.

The suspended assembled floor has strong adaptability and effectively protects the safety of personnel. The suspended assembled floor has a wide adaptability and can maintain high maintenance rates for long-term use.

The suspended assembled floor has beautiful colors and a longer service life. Suspended modular flooring has become the best leisure sports venue for 20 years.

The thickness is 10mm, and silicone rubber has good durability for laying the stadium for 10 years.

The suspended assembly floor is made of 100% pure silver embossed material, which is wear-resistant and pressure resistant.

Adult standard sponge patterned PVC foam flooring is the most durable, waterproof, slip resistant, and mold resistant.

The suspended assembly sports floor is selected, and the manufacturer of the suspended assembly floor meets the requirements of environmental standards. The service life of the suspended assembly floor is extremely long.

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Professional double-layer runway design, using professional double-layer biomechanical structure design, sturdy and durable.

Domestic exterior wall concrete adopts electrostatic foundation, which plays an overall role in insulation, formaldehyde green, etc.

The suspended floor workshop adheres to the use of PU sports field floor physical collision technology, supporting a 24-hour and strict operating environment.

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