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Jump Rope Customize

Wide Selection

Choose from dozens of Jump Ropes styles with different colors, sizes, and materials.

High Quality

Get premium quality Jump Ropes from supplier who focus on Jump Rope industrial.

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Buy Jump Rope from manufacturer directly at wholesale prices.


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Types of Jump Rope

Beaded jump rope and PVC jump rope are two popular types of jump ropes that are commonly used for exercise and fitness. The main difference between them is the material that they are made of.


Jump rope also known as skipping rope, is a form of exercise or play that involves jumping over a rope that is swung in a circular motion by the jumper or a partner. It is typically done by holding the rope at each end and swinging it in a circular motion, while the jumper hops over the rope with both feet, one foot, or alternating feet.

Create your own Jump Rope brand in just

3 simple steps...

1. Listen

We will sit down and chat with you about what you want for your brand.

We'll help you every step of the way, from picking the perfect materials, colors, and packaging options, to making sure you have a clear understanding of the process.

2. Production

Once we have a solid plan, our team will get to work manufacturing your custom tennis strings using only the best materials and the latest technology.

Trust us, your jump rope will come out with the highest quality, looking and feeling amazing!

3. Deliver

Every product will be delivery intact and in time by our reliable logistical partner

Handle for Jump Rope

The handle was made by high quality Polypropylene, All is shatterproof!
It's free to use our existing mold. customized mold with different size and shape also supported.

Beaded for Jump Rope

Colorful beaded to support your creation, Glow in dark also available now.

Glow in Dark

PVC Cable & Cord for Jump Rope

Customized logo for Handle

Logo customized start 50 pcs rope, easy to promote your own brand.

Bag & Storage for Jump Rope

Best Jump Rope Supplier

Wholesale Jump Ropes of all shapes, sizes, and colors at competitive prices. Get the exact jump rope you need, with customization options available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Where are the Jump Rope made?

Our jump rope are proudly manufactured in China, then pack and ship them to customers all over the world. We take pride in using only high-quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert knowledge to ensure that every rope we produce meets our rigorous standards of excellence.

Can I request a specific color for my Jump Rope?

Yes, we do offer customization for jump rope colors but only if you order a certain amount of jump rope. Please reach out to us for more info.

Do you offer any customization options for the packaging of the Jump Rope?

Yes, we offer customization options for the packaging of the jump rope. We use the standard transparent PE bag with your own label previously created. Our creative designer can assist you with the design of your label. Contact us for more information on how we can help you create the perfect packaging for your brand.

Shipping and Ordering

Can I get a sample of the Jump Rope before I place a large order?

Yes, we give the sample for FREE as long as you cover shipping. Shipping cost is: USD20.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom jump rope?

The first time you order from us, order amount need more than USD 1,000 (retail price and exclude shipping), but item can be mixed.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept international wire transfer and credit card (PayPal).

Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?

We do offer bulk discounts for large orders. For orders of USD 1,000 (retail price and exclude shipping) or more, we offer a 80% discount. For larger orders, please contact us to discuss special pricing options.

What is the lead time for receiving my order?

The lead time for receiving your order is typically 1-2 weeks. Please note that this may vary depending on the size and complexity of your order, and we will provide you with a more accurate timeline once your order has been placed.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship to international locations. We can deliver your custom jump ropes anywhere in the world.

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5.0mm PVC Jump Rope

Short Handle - 25mm Beaded Jump Rope White Green Black 1 (pleval.倍乐活)Short Handle - 25mm Beaded Jump Rope White Green Black 2 (pleval.倍乐活)
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25mm Beaded Jump Rope

25mm Jump Rope Beads colorful (pleval.倍乐活)25mm Jump Rope Beads 500 PACK WHITE (pleval.倍乐活)
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25mm Jump Rope Beads – 500PCS

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Customize Jump Rope

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Jump Rope Activity Kit


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