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Privacy Policy
We understands and respects your concerns about privacy. We will not sell, rent or loan your information to third parties.

When placing an order, basic information is collected. This information includes; name, address, phone number and e-mail address. The information is used for the sole purpose of completing your order. The information you provide will be shared with other parties involved in the completion of your order (example; UPS, the manufacturer,forwarder).

Pleval.com acquires only the information required by law or is otherwise necessary to complete your order with the highest level of service and efficiency. We train our employees in the importance of privacy. Only those employees involved in the completion of an order are given access to customer information.
Browsing Our Site
Visitors are encouraged to browse our site as often as possible.
At no time will we ask you for any registration or information, until you want to create a file of items that interest you, until you request a sample or place an order.
The Information You Give Us
The information you submit to us is used solely for the purpose of simplifying and enhancing your shopping and ordering experience at Pleval.com. We will request minimal contact information consisting of your name, company name, phone, fax, email address, shipping and billing address.
E-mail Privacy
We will use your email address solely for the following purposes: Correspondence regarding accurate and timely fulfillment of your order(s) Communicating new promotional ideas, product selections, services and special offers.

Your business is important to us. We will not do anything to jeopardize the trust you have placed in us. We appreciate your business. We look forward to helping you with all of your needs.

Quality Management

ENVIRONMENT AND SECURITY are important to us and SERVICE is a matter of course!

As an experienced supplier, we offer you reliable quality management.

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